Foamed Glass Technology

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product with excellent mechanical and
insulation properties...


Foamed glass grain as described in the following is an excellent bulk material for civil construction and insulation purposes. It is a lightweight, extremely fine-pored expanded glass with millions of hermetically sealed pores. Since no diffusion can take place, the material is watertight and achieves an efficient barrier against soil humidity.

Besides the outstanding mechanical and thermal properties of the product, foamed glass manufacture is an exemplary process for waste recycling on an industrial basis. Foam glass can be manufactured fully out of waste glass, with only a minimum of virgin additives.

Foamed glass grain is the product of choice wherever a finely grained, free-flowing bulk material is required. It is especially suitable for thin-walled thermal insulations, such as for window frames, cement bricks and insulating plasters.



The process and the product are licensed under the brand name MISAPORŪ

MISAPORŪ foamed glass is extremely light. Its bulk density is partially adjustable by the expansion process parameters, in the range of 120 to 250 kg/m3, the material density 250 to 500 kg/m3.

MISAPORŪ foamed glass has a high compression strength, is durable against degradation, fire-resistant, odourless and has excellent insulating properties.

MISAPORŪ foamed glass is inert. The concentrations of heavy metals are low with leaching values in an uncritical range.

Physical Data


Glass (recycled or virgin)n)

98 % wt

Additives (inorganic salts) 2 % wt


Thermal Conductivity:

Size (mm)

Layer height (cm)

Density (kg/m3) Thermal Cond. (W/m X K)
2/4 4 300 0.073G
4/8 4 294 0.092
8/16 8 254 0.084
10/50 25 244 0.072


Compression Strength:

Size (mm)n)

Compr. strength (kN/m2)

10/50 43'500



 MISAPORŪ insulation
between soil and
concrete base plate
filling material for
embedding of water
Roof garden with
insulation layer
  • Road construction: lightweight bulk material with excellent drainage properties
  • Pile foundation
  • Building insulation
  • Trench filling material with high compression strength
  • Stabilizing of slipping soil
  • Insulation of sports grounds
  • Insulation of swimming pools
  • Roof insulation

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