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plant3.jpg (27530 bytes) the Swiss chemical engineering and consultancy company,
with process technologies in the chemical and pharmaceutical field



Our Profile

We are a team of motivated chemical, mechanical and instrument engineers / consultants with long experience in the industry. Located in the centre of Europe, we are in close contact with producers / licensers for latest developments in process and technology.       

Our Activities

Our services cover the whole range of activities necessary for the establishment of a chemical or pharmaceutical plant, starting from evaluation of technologies to full plant operation:

Conceptual Studies / Feasibility Studies
Project Management
Process- and Basic Engineering
Procurement / Inspection of Equipment
Supervision of Erection / Commissioning
Technical Assistance / Plant Operation
It also includes tailored services:
Process Evaluations
Plant Debottlenecking/Revamping
Safety Studies / Risk Assessment / Hazop Studies
Environmental Control

Our Methods

We are using latest tools for computer aided process simulation and design.

Products and Technologies

We are partly developing our own technologies, partly working together with renowned licensers. Presently we are offering the following technologies:

Food Additives
Ascorbic Acid; Sodiumascorbate; Isoascorbic Acid; Ascorbate-sulfate; Sorbitol; Mannitol; Nicotinic Acid
Raw Materials for Synthetics BTX technology; Cyclohexane; Cyclohexanone; KA-oil; Caprolactam;  Adipic Acid; Maleic Anhydride; Succinic Anhydride
Chemicals Trichloroisocyanuric Acid; Basic Chromium Sulphate
Polymers Polyaluminium chloride, Polynaphthalene sulphonate (concrete admixtures); Polyoxymethylene (Polyformaldehyde or Polytrioxane); Polycarbonate; Phenolic Resins; Antigraffiti-Paint
Renewable Resources Biodiesel
Special Technologies Glass Recycling Technology; Off-gas Treatment; Multipurpose Plants
Synthetic Fibres Acrylic Fibres

Technical Assistance and Plant Management

Besides our activities in engineering of complete plants we have a good record in giving technical and management assistance services for new or already established plants, mainly in  the fertilizer and petrochemical sector. This can cover plant debottlenecking, risk assessment as well as operation optimization and technical plant management, up to full plant operation.

Recent Projects and News

For some further informatiion on our current avtivities check our news and typical projects.

encoh.jpg (17076 bytes) ENCO Engineering GmbH
Sägenstrasse 97
CH-7001 Chur Switzerland
Tel + 41/81/254 12 12
Fax +41/81/254 12 13

For more information send us an e-mail or visit us!